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SAFE Training Program

Recognize concerning behaviors that may lead to sexual violence

Know how to intervene effectively to prevent sexual violence

Have the skills to support victims

Sexual Assault Free Environment (SAFE)

SAFE Trained establishments receive:

  • 45-, 60-, or 90-minute active bystander training
  • SAFE Training materials for all participating staff
  • Posters & resources with MOCSA’s 24-hour support line
  • Recognition on social media & website
  • Information about MOCSA services to share with guests in need
  • Ongoing support and follow up for bar staff after the presentation
  • Additional training for new employees

For more information or to schedule a SAFE Training please email us or fill out the form below. These trainings can be conducted virtually. 

Request information or training:

SAFE Training

The program focuses on training bar and restaurant staff to recognize potentially harmful situations and give them the tools to intervene effectively to prevent sexual violence and support survivors.

MOCSA’s SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment) Training is modeled after similar programs, such as Ask for Angela in Lincolnshire, England and the Safe Bar Alliance in Lawrence, KS. Communities around the world agree that prevention is possible and that partnering with bars and restaurants generates new energy and allies who are eager to prevent sexual violence.

SAFE Trained Establishments

(as of 4/17/23)

403 Club

Beer Kitchen

Big Rip Brewing

Blip Roasters

Boulevard Brewing Company

Brewery Imperial

Ça Va

Casual Animal Brewing Co.


Classic Cup

Crane Brewing

District Pour House

Double Shift Brewing Company

Drastic Measures

Gaels Public House & Sports


Lifted Spirits

Made in KC

Missy B’s

The Mockingbird Lounge

The Monarch Bar

Nighthawk KC


Swordfish Tom’s

The Truman

Up-Down KC