Community-level Prevention

Learn more about steps you can take in your neighborhood to reduce violence and build connections between neighbors. 

MOCSA is committed to preventing sexual assault at all levels in the community. MOCSA’s prevention department supports community based coalitions in both Missouri and Kansas to prevent sexual assault and other forms of violence. MOCSA works with coalition partners to identify potential community-level strategies to prevent violence.

The Prevention Department utilizes the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) violence prevention model and Connecting the Dots technical package. The model focuses on addressing risk and protective factors that influence multiple forms of violence.

A risk factor is something that will make it more likely that someone will experience violence. 

A protective factor is something that will make it less likely that people will experience violence or that increase their resilience when they are faced with risk factors.

Learn more about Risk and Protective Factors.

If you would like assistance with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design assessments or would like to request one of our child abuse prevention trainings – please reach out to us through our form below.

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