Individual & Group Counseling

MOCSA provides individual and group counseling services free of charge. MOCSA therapists are specifically trained to support survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

For more information about services and scheduling call 816-531-0233

Individual therapy is available for adults, children (ages 5+), families, and significant others.  These services are available no matter how recent or long it’s been since a sexual assault or abuse occurred. Counselors can provide a variety of evidenced-based treatment modalities including EMDR, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), sand tray, and other brain-based interventions. Clients identify their own strengths and are supported as they navigate through their healing journey.

Counseling groups are facilitated by licensed counselors. Discussions do not involve trauma-processing, but do provide a better place to delve into emotions and behavioral changes than support groups. Unlike support groups, these groups require advanced registration and are not “drop-in.”

If you’re interested in support groups facilitated by advocates, click here.

Who can attend?

Group therapy is open to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We also have a group for partners, parents, and siblings and groups for youth with problematic behaviors. Individuals must either live in or the assault/abuse needs to have occurred in our service area (Cass, Clay, Platte, Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte). Cab vouchers are available for anyone who cannot attend in-person due to lack of transportation.

List of Counseling Groups Available

To inquire about or register for group counseling, please call and leave a message with the crisis line (816-531-0233) and an Intake Specialist will return your call.

Cool, Calm, and Connected
Who: All genders/identities, survivors 18+
Where: Virtual
When: Mondays, 5pm
Description: 8-week program that follows a slight curriculum, but not strictly. Members must join at the start of the 8 weeks and will learn about trauma/trauma responses, safety, and stabilization.

Calma y Conexion
Who: All genders/identities, survivors who are Spanish-speaking, 18+
Where: In-person at MOCSA
When: Tuesdays, 9am
Description: Same program as Calm, Cool, Collected but for Spanish-speaking individuals and is culturally-informed.

Creative Writing
Who: All genders/identities, survivors, 18+
Where: In-person at MOCSA
When: Tuesdays, 12pm
Description: There is a light curriculum where there is a new topic each week to write about, but they can write about anything as long as it’s not details of their trauma. Members also have the option to share their writing.

DBT Skills
Who: All genders/identities, survivors, 18+
Where: In-person at MOCSA
When: Tuesdays, 5:30pm*
Description: 8-week program that is heavily curriculum-based. Topics include stress reduction, mindfulness, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution. Members must join at the start of the 8 weeks, but can attend multiple rounds of the program.
*Starting October 5th, the group will no longer meet on Tuesdays and will meet Thursdays at 5:30pm.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga 
Who: All survivors, 16+
Where & Where: Thursdays at 5:30pm, call MOCSA for more details at (816) 531-0233
Description: In-person and virtual trauma-informed yoga class

Partners in Healing
Who: Partners, parents, and siblings of survivors
Where: Virtual
When: Monday, 5pm
Description: Call for additional information.

(WE)volve Teen Group
Who: Teen survivors of sexual assault, 13-15 and 16-17
Where: Facilitators will determine with members whether to meet virtually or in person
When: Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm
Description: 10 week rotating sessions for teens. Minors must be signed up by a legal guardian.

Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (YPSB)
Who: Children 14 and under who have displayed concerning sexual behaviors, parents
Description: There are different groups based on age, as well as groups for parents.


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