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Your Donations at Work: Adam's Story

Dear Friend,

Picture Adam. He’s just five years old. He’s small for his age. He loves trains and playing fetch with his dog. He loves to help his mom make macaroni and cheese, stirring in that cheese packet all by himself. But there’s something else you can’t tell about Adam just by looking at him. Like thousands of children in Kansas City every year, Adam was repeatedly sexually abused by an adult. Someone he trusted.

When they found out, Adam’s parents were shattered.   

After the abuse, Adam was so filled with stress and anxiety. Fires, snakes and spiders haunted his dreams. He woke up screaming and couldn’t sleep alone. He had mood swings, and tantrums at school. Things were really hard for Adam.  And they were hard for his parents. So many questions, so much fear.

It’s hard to imagine. But, maybe you can. Because you know someone who has been hurt by sexual violence. We all do.

Sexual abuse and violence turn lives upside down.  It can be devastating. When someone you know has been hurt you get that scary, helpless feeling inside.  Especially when it’s your children.

But what if instead of feeling helpless and at a loss, you could stand up and make a difference in the lives of children and families hurt by sexual abuse and violence? You can. Right now. Because your gift makes that difference possible.

Adam’s parents knew they needed to find help for their son. And thankfully for Adam, and his parents, gifts from friends like you have made sure that MOCSA is here. Ready to take their call. Ready to take anyone’s call for help. Any time, day or night, weekends and holidays, MOCSA is here, because of you.

MOCSA was able to introduce Adam to our kids’ therapy group, a counselor supervised program where children who have been sexually abused can seek support and understanding. You helped Adam also receive free individual treatment, including weekly art and play therapy sessions.

Your gifts ensured that we could support Adam’s parents too.  Participating in Partners in Healing, a support group for parents whose children have been sexually abused, gave them the strength they needed to deal with the crisis and start to put their family back together. At MOCSA, they found answers to their questions. They found hope. Thanks to you.

And today, Adam isn’t so scared anymore. Those spiders and snakes in his nightmares are gone. He likes to sleep in his own bed again, snuggling under his favorite Thomas the Train blanket, asking his dad to read his favorite storybook to him for the 214th time! Adam is, once again, an easy-going, happy little boy. As his mother told us, “He’s himself again.”

Your donation made that happen. Your financial gift to MOCSA allows us to provide services that sexual assault victims of all ages need to turn their lives around.

For more than 42 years, MOCSA has provided intervention, support, therapy and comfort to the victims of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. We act as advocates during hospital examinations, police interviews and court proceedings. And we are also educators working to prevent sexual violence in our communities. 

Be a hero today. Help Adam, and the 42 kids on our waiting list today, find new things to be thankful for this holiday season. Please send your tax-deductible gift to MOCSA. All donors and all donations are greatly appreciated!

All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

Thank you,

Kristin Tyson
MOCSA Board Chair


PS: Your gift is essential.  Please pick up Adam’s adorable thankful card and see how your gift could be used! Make your tax deductible gift today. Don’t wait – there’s a huge need in Kansas City and together we can help those hurt by sexual violence, and work to prevent it in the first place. We can’t do it without you!

PPS: It feels good to take action and give to MOCSA. We promise!  And we know exactly how to use your donation to make the most significant impact. Add your name to Adam’s thankful list today!